How we can support your business.

DUBEGAR is well known global supplier of

  • Pulp
  • Virgin and Recycled Paper, Board and Liners
  • Waste Paper for Recycling
  • Plastics and related raw materials

in Far East, Central Asia, Europe and some African countries. Major part of end users are producers of paper and packaging materials, like corrugating, paper bag, wrapping paper, offset printing, tissue, plastic packages and etc. With combination of our experienced team in the business, we can offer you more beneficial and competitive results.

Our goal in each deal is to improve business and profit of our partners. Timely responsive, trustworthy, customer oriented and solution-focused, DUBEGAR delivers solutions that work, whether you are a supplier or a buyer. Customer trust and benefits are the top priority of our company.

DUBEGAR Pulp and Paper Kft.